For this project I had people send me the last photo they’d taken with their phone and pass the request on to others. With the accelerated quality and ubiquity of cell phone cameras, our phones have become where we store our memories. It makes me think of what I used to tell wedding photography clients: “Your wedding will be a total blur, and the photos will become your memories of the day.”

Some day, cell phones and their cameras will be obsolete. I wonder what will happen to the pictures we store in these tiny metal boxes, and I wonder what we will use instead.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this project — it was a lovely window into your lives. I received images from dear friends, family members, old classmates, former bosses, mentors from college, and people from around the world I met 10 years ago while backpacking in South America. I see these images as collection of the people and things we treasure: children, partners, pets, books, sunsets, Scientology documentaries, and Oprah.